• Used Diesel Motors

    Used Diesel Motors is part of Harrington's Diesel, Used Diesel Motors are specialist Importers and Suppliers of quality Diesel Motors. All our motors are tested by qualified diesel mechanics and are run to operating temperatures, where readings are recorded.

    For your security, all Used Diesel Motors come with an Australian wide Warranty!

  • Quality Diesel Motors!

    Quality Diesel Motors!

    All of our Used Diesel Motors have the sumps removed to check for foreign material, big end and main bearings are inspected for any sign of wear. The engines are then run to operating temperature. Any engine not meeting our stringent quality control is set aside for reconditioning.

  • Fully Equipped Workshop!

    Fully Equipped Workshop!

    In the event that an engine doesn't test satisfactorily, the engine is then set aside to be reconditioned we are able to recondition engines and all ancillary components in our own workshop. We have our own equipment to recondition engines, diesel fuel systems and turbochargers. Our reconditioned engines are just that "reconditioned"

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